Link Vent


  • Meets F1 requirements for new build and replacement sectors.
  • Designed for use on all window types (UPVC, Aluminium and Timber).
  • 1000’s of colour decoration options, delivered in any combination or packaging requirement.


  • The Link Vent 5000 EQA delivers significantly more EQA performance compared to similar overall length traditional 4000mm2 (free area) ventilators.
  • The Link Vent 2500 EQA delivers approximately the same performance of a traditional 4000mm2 in the length of traditional 2000mm2 (free area) ventilators.


  • 2500 EQA is delivered through a 204 mm x 13 mm slot size, reducing routing machine times and waste materials generated. For simplicity the 5000 EQA has 2 slots of the same size.

Use of ASA in this application delivers

  • Excellent UV colour stability.
  • Good mechanical properties.

Clever design

  • Simple, user friendly opening of the vent finishes with a positive closing action.
  • The innovative “link” allows the closure plate to be positioned to reduce draughts with the benefit of directing air away from occupants.
  • The Link Vent 5000 closure plate is split to allow for partial (50%) opening and further ease opening of the ventilator.
  • Rounded ends of the vent allow for installation on timber windows.
  • Available in either screw or clip in fixing types.
  • The screw fix design eliminates the need for end caps.
  • The clip fix design Pawl’s allow for a fast, easy vent installation.

1000’s of Colour options

  • Standard colours: White, Dark Brown, Black and Oak Brown.
  • Stock colours: Cream, Anthracite Grey, Chartwell Green.
  • Wood grain print effects for Irish Oak, Golden Oak, Mahogany and Rosewood.
  • Paint spraying of ventilators from our stock to ANY RAL, BS colour a colour swatch matching service is also available.

2000 Data

2000 EQA

2500 Data

2500 EQA

4000 Data

4000 EQA

5000 Data

5000 EQA

Acoustics is specialist science covering the generation, control, transmission and detection of sound and vibration. Acoustics relating to buildings is changing and moving from the suppression of noise to the design of environments which enhance health inparticular mental health.

What is a Dn,e,w sound reduction figure?

A Dn,e,w figure reflects testing at every frequency and it is the only result recommended by the BRE for products such as trickle vents.

As there is no industry standard for presenting acoustic test results, be wary of unspecified dB figures being quoted. The unspecified figure may be the highest dB achieved at a frequency and may not be relevant o your application or source of noise.

A Dn,e,w result reflects the true performance of the trickle vent.

Equivalent Area 2500mm2 EQA     Free Area 2512mm2
10mm   Acoustic D n,e,w (+/-) – vent open – 35 (-1:-1)   Acoustic D n,e,w (+/-) – vent closed – 40 (0;0)
13mm   Acoustic D n,e,w (+/-) – vent open – 34 (-1:-1)   Acoustic D n,e,w (+/-) – vent closed – 46 (-1;-1)

13mm   Acoustic D n,e,w (+/-) – vent open – 32 (-1:1)   Acoustic D n,e,w (+/-) – vent closed – 41 (0;0)

Equivalent Area 5000mm2 EQA    Free Area 5049mm2
10mm   Acoustic D n,e,w (+/-) – vent open – 32 (-1:-1)   Acoustic D n,e,w (+/-) – vent closed – 37 (0;0)
13mm   Acoustic D n,e,w (+/-) – vent open – 31 (-1:-1)   Acoustic D n,e,w (+/-) – vent closed – 42 (0;0)

D n,e,w (C;Ctr) db
Note: BS EN ISO 10140-1:2016 (Earlier standards are withdrawn) and BS EN ISO 10140-2.

Frequently used terms for acoustics
1Hz is one wave cycle per second, 20 Hz is 20 per second, where the cycles are 20 times shorter and closer.

A ‘frequency band’ is a continuous range of frequencies between an upper and lower limit.

An ‘octave band’ is a frequency band where the upper limit is twice the frequency of the lower limit.

A ‘one-third octave band’ is a frequency band where the upper limit 2 times the frequency of the lower limit.

Intensity of sound is measured in Decibels (dB). This is a logarithmic scale in which an increase of 10 dB doubling loudness.

2022 Acoustic Test Data

2022 Acoustic Test Data

2017 Acoustic Test Data

2017 Acoustic Test Data
COLFinishInternal ventExternal canopyFull Vent (Set)Colour with White (set)
Agate Grey RAL 7038Moulded2101-50017B2201-50017B2001-500172001-51017
Anteak (Sprayed)Sprayed2101-50027B2201-50027B2001-500272001-51027
Anteak (Woodgrain)Woodgrain2101-50504B2201-50504B2001-505042001-51504
Anthracite Grey (Matt Sprayed)Matt Sprayed2101-500522201-50052--
Basalt Grey RAL 7012Moulded2101-50016B2201-50016B2001-500162001-51016
Brilliant WhiteMoulded2101-50004B2201-50004B2001-50004-
Chartwell GreenMoulded2101-50015B2201-50015B2001-500152001-51015
Cream RAL 1015Moulded2101-50014B2201-50014B2001-500142001-51014
Cream WhiteMoulded2101-50007B2201-50007B2001-500072001-51007
Dark GreenMoulded2101-50021B2201-50021B2001-500212001-51021
Dark RedMoulded2101-50023B2201-50023B2001-500232001-51023
Egg Shell (Sprayed)Sprayed2101-50029B2201-50029B2001-500292001-51029
Golden Oak (Woodgrain)Woodgrain2101-50502B2201-50502B2001-505022001-51502
Graphite Black (Matt Sprayed)Matt Sprayed2101-500532201-50053--
Grey RAL 7015Moulded2101-50009B2201-50009B2001-500092001-51009
Grey RAL 7016Moulded2101-50010B2201-50010B2001-500102001-51010
Hazy Grey RAL 7001Moulded2101-50022B2201-50022B2001-500222001-51022
Ice Cream RAL 9001Moulded2101-50030B2201-50030B2001-500302001-51030
Irish Oak (Woodgrain)Woodgrain2101-50503B2201-50503B2001-505032001-51503
Light Grey RAL 7035Moulded2101-50028B2201-50028B2001-500282001-51028
Moss GreenMoulded2101-50020B2201-50020B2001-500202001-51020
Pebble Grey RAL 7032Moulded2101-50033B2201-50033B2001-500332001-51033
Plain Golden Oak / CaramelMoulded2101-50037B2201-50037B2001-500372001-51037
Plain Irish OakMoulded2101-50011B2201-50011B2001-500112001-51011
Plain Natural OakMoulded2101-50034B2201-50034B2001-500342001-51034
Platinum Grey (Matt Sprayed)Matt Sprayed2101-500502201-50050--
Pure White RAL 9010Moulded2101-50003B2201-50003B2001-50003-
Pure White RAL 9010 (VAC Foiled)Foiled-2201-50651B--
Quartz Grey RAL 7039Moulded2101-50024B2201-50024B2001-500242001-51024
Rosewood (Woodgrain)Woodgrain2101-50501B2201-50501B2001-505012001-51501
Rustic Cherry (Sprayed)Sprayed2101-50025B2201-50025B2001-500252001-51025
Soft Cherry (Sprayed)Sprayed2101-50026B2201-50026B2001-500262001-51026
Steel BlueMoulded2101-50019B2201-50019B2001-500192001-51019
Umbra Grey (Matt Sprayed)Matt Sprayed2101-500512201-50051--
White (Etched)Embossed2101-50700B---
Wine RedMoulded2101-50018B2201-50018B2001-500182001-51018
COLInternal ventEtched InternalExternal canopyFull Vent (Set)Colour with White (set)
Agate Grey RAL 70384101-00017B4101-00717B4201-00017B4001-000174001-01017
Anteak (Woodgrain)4101-00004B4101-00784B4201-00004B4001-000044001-01504
Basalt Grey RAL 70124101-00016B4101-00716B4201-00016B4001-000164001-01016
Brilliant White4101-00004B4101-00704B4201-00004B4001-00004-
Chartwell Green4101-00015B4101-00715B4201-00015B4001-000154001-01015
Cream RAL 10154101-00014B4101-00714B4201-00014B4001-000144001-01014
Cream White4101-00007B4101-00707B4201-00007B4001-000074001-01007
Dark Green4101-00021B4101-00721B4201-00021B4001-000214001-01021
Dark Red4101-00023B4101-00723B4201-00023B4001-000234001-01023
Golden Oak (Woodgrain)4101-00002B4101-00782B4201-00002B4001-000024001-01502
Grey RAL 70154101-00009B4101-00709B4201-00009B4001-000094001-01009
Grey RAL 70164101-00010B4101-00710B4201-00010B4001-000104001-01010
Hazy Grey RAL 70014101-00022B4101-00722B4201-00022B4001-000224001-01022
Ice Cream RAL 90014101-00030B4101-00730B4201-00030B4001-000304001-01030
Irish Oak (Woodgrain)4101-00003B4101-00783B4201-00003B4001-000034001-01503
Light Grey RAL 70354101-00028B4101-00728B4201-00028B4001-000284001-01028
Moss Green4101-00020B4101-00720B4201-00020B4001-000204001-01020
Natural Oak4101-00034B4101-00734B4201-00034B4001-000344001-01034
Pebble Grey RAL 70324101-00033B4101-00733B4201-00033B4001-000334001-01033
Plain Golden Oak4101-00037B4101-00737B4201-00037B4001-000374001-01037
Plain Irish Oak4101-00011B4101-00711B4201-00011B4001-000114001-01011
Pure White RAL 90104101-00003B4101-00703B4201-00003B4001-00003-
Quartz Grey RAL 70394101-00024B4101-00724B4201-00024B4001-000244001-01024
Rosewood (Woodgrain)4101-00001B4101-00781B4201-00001B4001-000014001-01501
Steel Blue4101-00019B4101-00719B4201-00019B4001-000194001-01019
Wine Red4101-00018B4101-00718B4201-00018B4001-000184001-01018
COLFinishInternal ventExternal canopyFull Vent (Set)Colour with White (set)
Agate Grey RAL 7038Moulded5101-50017B5201-50017B5001-500175001-51017
Anteak (Sprayed)Sprayed5101-50027B5201-50027B5001-500275001-51027
Anteak (Woodgrain)Woodgrain5101-50504B5201-50504B5001-505045001-51504
Anthracite Grey (Matt Sprayed)Matt Sprayed5101-500525201-50052--
Basalt Grey RAL 7012Moulded5101-50016B5001-500165001-500165001-51016
Brilliant WhiteMoulded5101-50004B5201-50004B5001-50004-
Chartwell GreenMoulded5101-50015B5201-50015B5001-500155001-51015
Cream RAL 1015Moulded5101-50014B5201-500014B5001-500145001-51014
Cream WhiteMoulded5101-50007B5201-50007B5001-500075001-51007
Dark GreenMoulded5101-50021B5201-50021B5001-500215001-51021
Dark RedMoulded5101-50023B5201-50023B5001-500235001-51023
Egg Shell (Sprayed)Sprayed5101-50029B5201-50029B5001-500295001-51029
Golden Oak (Woodgrain)Woodgrain5101-50502B5201-50502B5001-505025001-51502
Graphite Black (Matt Sprayed)Matt Sprayed5101-500535201-50053--
Grey RAL 7015Moulded5101-50009B5201-50009B5001-500095001-51009
Grey RAL 7016Moulded5101-50010B5201-50010B5001-500105001-51010
Hazy Grey RAL 7001Moulded5101-50022B5201-50022B5001-500225001-51022
Ice Cream RAL 9001Moulded5101-50030B5201-50030B5001-500305001-51030
Irish Oak (Woodgrain)Woodgrain5101-50503B5201-50503B5001-505035001-51503
Light Grey RAL 7035Moulded5101-50028B5201-50028B5001-500285001-51028
Moss GreenMoulded5101-50020B5201-50020B5001-500205001-51020
Pebble Grey RAL 7032Moulded5101-50033B5201-50033B5001-500335001-51033
Plain Golden Oak / CaramelMoulded5101-50037B5201-50037B5001-500375001-51037
Plain Irish OakMoulded5101-50011B5201-50011B5001-500115001-51011
Plain Natural OakMoulded5101-50034B5201-50034B5001-500345001-51034
Platinum Grey (Matt Sprayed)Matt Sprayed5101-500505201-50050--
Pure White RAL 9010 (VAC Foiled)Foiled-5201-50651B--
Quartz Grey RAL 7039Moulded5101-50024B5201-50024B5001-500245001-51024
Rosewood (Woodgrain)Woodgrain5101-50501B5201-50501B5001-505015001-51501
Rustic Cherry (Sprayed)Sprayed5101-50025B5201-50025B5001-500255001-51025
Steel BlueMoulded5101-50019B5201-50019B5001-500195001-51019
Umbra Grey (Matt Sprayed)Matt Sprayed5101-500515201-50051--
Wine RedMoulded5101-50018B5201-50018B5001-500185001-51018

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Link Vent 5000, 4000 & 2500


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All tricklevent colours are available boxed as bagged sets or bulk packed “pick n mix”.

Bagged sets – The vent (internal) and canopy (external) are bagged and are both the same colour, normally 50 sets per box.

Benefit; Sets are easy to pick and ship with each window. Typically, vents can be taped to windows or added to the hardware box that accompanies each delivery.

Colour on white sets – The vent (internal) and canopy (external) are sold as sets (white internal vent with a coloured external canopy), normally 50 sets per box.

Benefit: No need to buy two sets of vents, (a white set and a colour set) then dispose of the excess parts, so half price?

Specials – If you need a particular colour mix, these are normally made to order with 50 bagged sets per box. Contact customer service for advice on availability.

Bulk packed – The vent (internal) or canopy (external) are sold separately (one colour only), normally 100 parts per box.

Benefit: This allows for a “pick n mix” option on the production line. This allows more effective purchasing on volumes and “special” colours whilst being easily adaptable for colour on white. Buy more of the colours you use most of at better prices and carry minimal stocks of low volume use or special colours.

For technical and reproduction reasons there maybe slight visual differences of colours shown on this page. Free sample plaques are available to be ordered from the Glazpart webstore.

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