Glazpart launch innovative range of background trickle ventilators

Monday, 15 April 2013 

Banbury-based Glazpart, is a specialist injection moulding company with extensive experience in the fenestration industry, employing 80 staff at its ISO 9001:2008 certified site, producing millions of mouldings each month.

“The most versatile and efficient trickle ventilator on the UK market today”
Dean Bradley – Sales and Marketing Manager, Glazpart Ltd.

Glazpart is proud to launch a new range of plastic injection moulded trickle ventilators to meet the needs of today’s building designers, window fabricators and installers. At the FITSHOW 2013, we launch the first of the “Link-vent” range of patent applied for trickle ventilators. Developed in 2 sizes the vents performance will be 5000 EQA and 2500 EQA. Equivalent area (EQA) is used instead of free area for the sizing of trickle ventilators as it is a better measure of a ventilators air flow performance. The vents are designed to meet the requirements of building regulations, Approved document F1 2010 (Means of ventilation) whilst delivering a product to meet the needs of today’s ventilation and window markets.

Key features include;


Meets F1 requirements for new build and replacement sectors

Designed for use on all window types (UPVC, Aluminium and Timber)

1000’s of colour decoration options, delivered in any combination or packaging requirement.


The Link-vent 5000 EQA delivers significantly more EQA performance compared to similar overall length traditional 4000mm2 (free area) ventilators.

The Link-vent 2500 EQA delivers approximately the same performance of a traditional 4000mm2 in the length of traditional 2000mm2 (free area) ventilators.


2500 EQA is delivered through a 204 mm x 13 mm slot size, reducing routing machine times and waste materials generated. For simplicity the 5000 EQA has 2 slots of the same size.

Use of ASA in this application delivers

Excellent UV colour stability

Good mechanical properties

Clever design

Simple, user friendly opening of the vent finishes with a positive closing action.

The innovative “link” allows the closure plate to be positioned to reduce draughts with the benefit of directing air away from occupants.

The Link-vent 5000 closure plate is split to allow for partial (50%) opening and further ease opening of the ventilator.

Rounded ends of the vent allow for installation on timber windows

Available in either screw or clip in fixing types

The screw fix design eliminates the need for end caps.

The clip fix design Pawl’s allow for a fast, easy vent installation.

1000’s of Colour options

Standard colours: White, Dark Brown, Black and Oak Brown.

Stock colours: Cream, Anthracite Grey, Chartwell Green

Wood grain print effects for Irish Oak, Golden Oak, Mahogany and Rosewood

Paint spraying of ventilators from our stock to ANY RAL, BS colour a colour swatch matching service is also available.

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