Glazpart launch a new range of colour matched Drain hole covers

Monday, 15 April 2013 

Banbury-based Glazpart, is a specialist injection moulding company with extensive experience in the fenestration industry, employing 80 staff at its ISO 9001:2008 certified site, producing millions of mouldings each month.

Glazpart is proud to be launching a new range of through moulded colour matched drain hole covers to match the range of coloured window profiles which as becoming prevalent in the UK window market . They will be available in all shapes which include the oblong, round, hexagonal and raised plate.

The new range of colours includes;

Grey’s to RAL numbers

7016 (to match Renolit foils – Anthracite Grey and Gale Grey)
7015 (to match Renolit foil – Slate Grey)
7012 (to match Renolit foil – Basalt Grey)
7001 and 7024 (to match Renolit foil – Grey and hazy Grey)
Cream to RAL 9001 (to match Renolit foils – Ice Cream / Cream White)
Green to RAL 6009 (to match Renolit foil – Dark Green)
and Chartwell Green (to match Renolit foil – Chartwell Green)
Blue to RAL 5011 (to match Renolit foil – Steel Blue)
Dark Red to RAL 3011 (to match Renolit foil – Dark Red)

This is just the starting point for Glazpart as through moulded colours can be added quickly and easily and matched to any RAL of BS colour, upon request.

These are in addition to our standard colours of white, brown and black.

New colour spraying service for Drain hole covers
In addition, Glazpart Ltd are pleased to launch a new colour spraying service where drain hole covers can be colour match paint sprayed from stock. Glazpart are proud to be an approved colour paint sprayer for Kolorbond – the paint for plastic. The spray system is a special coating designed to paint plastics including ABS, polycarbonate, acrylic and polyester powder coatings where the system forms a molecular cross bond with the plastic surface. Thousands of colours are available; we can offer all standard RAL and BS colours and match to most other colour systems. In addition, we have a specialist colour matching service that allows us to match non-standard colours and supplied colour samples. The system is extremely colour stable and resistant to UV and it will hold its colour, without excessive fading. Technical data sheets show that the system does not contain lead, cadmium, zinc, formaldehyde or isocyanates so is kinder to the environment and safer for operators.

Drain hole covers are required for drained or drained and ventilated window systems. These window systems are designed to minimise the amount of water that enter the rebate. The drainage system of the frame ensures the removal of water from the rebate platform.

It is difficult to ensure the removal of all water from the glazing rebates by drainage alone. Water may be trapped, or may be held by surface tension, either as droplets or between opposing surfaces, even though the design should prevent this happening.

Ventilation may be necessary to dry out these areas. This is particularly true of frames with horizontal platforms, or where moisture may collect on the top edge of an glazed unit. The degree of ventilation achieved is not only dependent upon the size of the ventilation holes or slots, but also upon their position and accessibility to prevailing winds. Slots of 20mm x 3mm can be adequate for ventilation in exposed parts of the window, but further ventilation is probably necessary in more protected parts. To prevent wind-driven water being carried into the frame section, all exposed holes and slots should be protected, either by fitting drain hole covers, or by forming the slots in a position in the frame where they are not subject to direct wind and weather.

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