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As one of the UK’s only independently owned hardware distributors, Carl F Groupco is renowned for strong customer and supplier relationships. Their long-standing relationships with Europe’s most innovative manufacturers, allows the company to use its flexibility and competence to ensure their range of hardware always reflects current market trends in the industry.

For over five years, Glazpart has supplied Carl F Groupco with trickle vents and with the changes to Building Regulations (Approved Document F – ventilation), both companies ensured installers and fabricators UK-wide could get the best possible solution – namely the Link Vent.

The “Link Vent” range sizes include 5000, 4000 and 2500 EQA. Equivalent Area (EQA) is the measure of the vents air flow performance.

The vents are designed to fully comply with building regulations, Approved document F1 (means of ventilation).

The Link Vent follows a clever design that is simple and user friendly for both opening and closing – the innovative closing action allows the closure plate to be positioned so that it reduces draughts by directing air away from occupants.

The Link Vent 4000 and 5000 closure plate is split to allow for partial (50%) opening and greater ease of opening of the ventilator.

The flexibility of the Link Vent also has rounded ends of the vent to allow for installation on timber windows and it is available in either screw or clip in fixing types – the design eliminates the need for end caps whilst the clip fix design (Pawl’s) allows for a fast, easy vent installation.

With smart design, easy fitting, and functionality as well as a huge choice of 1000s of colours and decorative finishes, it is easy to see why window manufacturers, fabricators and installers are using Glazpart’s Link Vent range and ordering from Carl F Groupco.

John Crittenden, Managing Director, Carl F Groupco commented, “With the building regulations changing last year, it is essential that we stock and distribute the Link Vent range to meet the demands of our customers. The Link Vent does not only comply with the regulations, it also is one of the most versatile and well-designed trickle vents for windows and doors. We are pleased to have it in our range as it clearly meets both our customers and homeowners’ expectations.”

Dean Bradley, Sales Director of Glazpart added, “The Link Vent range is proving ever popular throughout the supply chain, and it is great to have a distributor such as Carl F Groupco to reach window and door manufacturers, fabricators and installers across the UK. The Link Vent is also proving to be the best option for consumers wanting a slick modern ventilation solution and with a vast range of colours and finishes, it perfectly blends in with the visual appearance of windows and doors.”

With the building regulations changing last year, it is essential that we stock and distribute the Link Vent range to meet the demands of our customers.

John Crittenden, Managing Director, Carl F Groupco

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