Modular Tricklevent

The Modular Ventilator will provide Trickle Ventilation in accordance with the Building Regulations 2000: Part F: Approved Document F1 October 2010 and Scottish Building Regulations October 2011 Standard.

The product has undergone a radical redesign to improve the performance and aesthetics of the product and to bring it in line with the latest regulatory changes introduced in 2023 changes. This also means it is available in a wider range of colours and finishes.

The product is specifically designed for “Through Profile” PVC-u applications using a 19mm routed slot. All ventilators are “Clip” fixed with the advantage of rapid fitting to profiles.

The products key features are as follows:

  • Spring Clip fitting (No Screws) (Saves over 1 minute per window to install)
  • Unique closure mechanism provides for adjustable ventilation with a positive action
  • 2000 EQA performance for each module fitted.
  • Previously BBA and LABC certified
  • Clip fixed so no end caps (to be lost)
  • Available in 100’s of colour options and combinations
  • One of the shortest width trickle vents on the market
  • The highest performing trickle vent for watertightness at 1000 Pa

The product consists of an internal unit with adjustable closures to regulate incoming air flow and a choice of external protective screens.

Internal ventilator
The product is based on a modular concept. The base module carries a male and female dovetail on opposite ends. This allows them to be quickly joined to give the required equivalent area. Complimentary end caps are then fitted to complete the assembly. Product is of course available assembled to customers requirements.

The modules carry a moulded pair of spring clips that enable them to be firmly snapped into the routed slot in the profile. This has obvious cost savings when compared with “Screw Fitting” alternatives.

The unique patiented closure action, gives two intermediate opening positions as well as “Closed”and “Fully Open”.

External canopy
The modular and snap fitting features, as well as footprint, are common between internal and external units.
An alternative exterior units are available. FLAT GRILLE Designed primarily for installation in a near horizontal plane.

Both internal and external units are primarily moulded in ASA. The spring fixing clips are in UV stabilised Acetal.

Suppliers data sheets for these polymers are available on request

Vent typeE.Q.A. (Equivalent area)Geometric free area
Standard 2000 + Hood2000mm²2000mm²
Standard 2000 + Grill2000mm²2000mm²

2000 Modular Vent Technical Detail

Vent typeValues D.n.e.w.
Standard 2000 Open34dB
Standard 2000 Closed39dB
Standard 4000 Open31dB
Standard 4000 Closed36dB

Routing details

Internal dimensionInternal weightExternal (flat grill) dimensionExternal (flat grill) weightExternal (full canopy) dimensionExternal (full canopy) weight
26mm x 145mm Depth 16.5mm30g26mm x 145mm Depth 16.5mm12g26mm x 145mm Depth 16.5mm33g
26mm x 283mm Depth 16.5mm57g26mm x 283mm Depth 16.5mm23g26mm x 283mm Depth 16.5mm64g
26mm x 421mm Depth 16.5mm84g26mm x 421mm Depth 16.5mm34g26mm x 421mm Depth 16.5mm95g
26mm x 559mm Depth 16.5mm111g26mm x 559mm Depth 16.5mm45g26mm x 559mm Depth 16.5mm126g

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All tricklevent colours are available boxed as bagged sets or bulk packed “pick n mix”.

Bagged sets – The vent (internal) and canopy (external) are bagged and are both the same colour, normally 50 sets per box.

Benefit; Sets are easy to pick and ship with each window. Typically, vents can be taped to windows or added to the hardware box that accompanies each delivery.

Colour on white sets – The vent (internal) and canopy (external) are sold as sets (white internal vent with a coloured external canopy), normally 50 sets per box.

Benefit: No need to buy two sets of vents, (a white set and a colour set) then dispose of the excess parts, so half price?

Specials – If you need a particular colour mix, these are normally made to order with 50 bagged sets per box. Contact customer service for advice on availability.

Bulk packed – The vent (internal) or canopy (external) are sold separately (one colour only), normally 100 parts per box.

Benefit: This allows for a “pick n mix” option on the production line. This allows more effective purchasing on volumes and “special” colours whilst being easily adaptable for colour on white. Buy more of the colours you use most of at better prices and carry minimal stocks of low volume use or special colours.

For technical and reproduction reasons there maybe slight visual differences of colours shown on this page. Free sample plaques are available to be ordered from the Glazpart webstore.

Modular Vent, operation & maintenance manual, for comparison


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