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Glazpart mould a range of corner protection products for the fenestration market to protect window frames and glass units.

For frame protection ranges from heavy duty profile specific protection to our growing range of universal screw fixed frame protectors with a universal frame fit for 60 & 70mm profiles. For the more environmentally conscious, we have a growing range of “clip fix” protectors which due to the modular design of the tool can easily and cost effectively made to meet the demands of a new profile system.
This is especially important when delivering foiled or sprayed (coloured) profiles whose cost is greater and more easily damaged.

Glass protectors in a range of widths are designed to reduce corner edge cracking during transit, reducing rework costs which are often needed quickly as the installer will have planned in the fitting dates with the customer, so they probably end up paying for themselves?

SKUSizeItem DescriptionQuantityCOL
12726630-50mmExpandable corner protectorBlack
219928mmEdge protectorBlack

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Frame Corner Protectors

Glazpart have designed a diverse range of frame protectors to fit 60 mm and 70 mm window profiles. The frame corner protector is used by window fabricators to prevent corner damage of the frame during handling and transit from the fabricator to the installation site. These protectors reduce such damage to a point where, due to the reduction in rework and customer complaints – overall the use of protectors pays for itself.

A range of universal profile versions are available and are installed using a screw fixing, typically through the center of the frame corner protector. Versions are available for 60 mm and 70 mm profiles. In addition Glazpart has a range of clip in systems which are typically profile specific. The benefits of these designs over their general product benefits are that;

No need for a screw fix in the frame. This removes a water ingress route into the frame once the frame corner protector is removed during installation on site. Installation and removal of the clip in frame corner protector is much faster. The clip in frame corner protector can typically be installed in half the time.

No use of hand drills thus reducing the risks and monitoring of hand arm vibration during installation and removal. The clip in versions can be reused, if they are returned from site.

Product selector – choose your application dimensions

SKULengthW1W2DMATLProfile SizeAttachementCOLhf:att:pa_lengthhf:att:pa_width-1hf:att:pa_width-2hf:att:pa_dhf:att:pa_materialhf:att:pa_profile-sizehf:att:pa_attachementhf:att:pa_colour
96006971mm61mm22mmPP60mmClip InBlack71mm61mm22mmpp60mmclip-inblack
96008064mm61mm85mm85mmPP60mmClip InBlack64mm61mm85mm85mmpp60mmclip-inblack
96008264mm61mm85mm85mmPP60mmClip InRed64mm61mm85mm85mmpp60mmclip-inred
960110160mm81mm65mm24mmPP65mmClip InBlue160mm81mm65mm24mmpp65mmclip-inblue
960111160mm87mm71mm24mmPP70mmClip InBlue160mm87mm71mm24mmpp70mmclip-inblue
960117160mm87mm71mm24mmPP70mmClip InBlack160mm87mm71mm24mmpp70mmclip-inblack
96020074mm62mm74mm25mmPP60mmScrew FixBlack74mm62mm74mm25mmpp60mmscrew-fixblack
96021077mm72mm80mm25mmPP70mmScrew FixBlack77mm72mm80mm25mmpp70mmscrew-fixblack
96024085mm66mm71mm25mmPP65mmScrew FixBlack85mm66mm71mm25mmpp65mmscrew-fixblack
960250110mm67mm63mm17mmPP60mmClip InBlack110mm67mm63mm17mmpp60mmclip-inblack
96033096mm78mm73mm17mmPP70mmClip InBlue96mm78mm73mm17mmpp70mmclip-inblue
960350160mm87mm71mm24mmPP70mmClip InBlack160mm87mm71mm24mmpp70mmclip-inblack
960360160mm75mm59mm24mmPP60mmClip InRed160mm75mm59mm24mmpp60mmclip-inred
960361160mm75mm59mm24mmPP60mmClip InOrange160mm75mm59mm24mmpp60mmclip-inorange
960370160mm76mm60mm24mmPP60mmClip InBlack160mm76mm60mm24mmpp60mmclip-inblack
960380160mm76mm60mm24mmPP60mmClip InGrey160mm76mm60mm24mmpp60mmclip-ingrey

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Glass Corner Protectors

Glazpart have designed a diverse range of glass corner protectors to fit a range of glazing thicknesses from 9 mm to 32 mm. The glass corner protector is used by window fabricators to prevent corner damage of the glass during handling and transit from the fabricator to the installation site. Some are installed as they leave the heat treatment production lines prior to gassing the double or triple glazed units and for single pane applications. These protectors reduce such damage to a point where, due to the reduction in rework and customer complaints – overall the use of such protectors pays for itself.

Some of the glass corner protector range are designed to add value and more value and are designed to act as corner or wedge packers within the corners of window for use during installation of the glazed unit into the frame. This is particularly beneficial when toeing and healing glazed units.

Product selector – choose your application dimensions

SKUW1W2D1D2DMATLGlass ProtectedCOLhf:att:pa_width-1hf:att:pa_width-2hf:att:pa_d1hf:att:pa_d2hf:att:pa_dhf:att:pa_materialhf:att:pa_glass-protectedhf:att:pa_colour
1378009.5mm4mm116mmPPSingle Glass PaneOrange9-5mm4mm116mmppsingle-glass-paneorange
13780112mm6mm116mmPPSingle Glass PaneRed12mm6mm116mmppsingle-glass-panered
9603016.6mm4.6mm25mm25mmPPSingle Glass PaneRed6-6mm4-6mm25mm25mmppsingle-glass-panered
9603028.6mm6.6mm25mm25mmPPSingle Glass PaneBlue8-6mm6-6mm25mm25mmppsingle-glass-paneblue
96032075mm24mm26.5mm26.5mmPPIGU Side ProtectorRed75mm24mm26-5mm26-5mmppigu-side-protectorred
96032475mm29mm27mm27mmPPIGU Side ProtectorBlue75mm29mm27mm27mmppigu-side-protectorblue

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