Trickle vents: The new hardware

The incoming regulation changes offer our industry yet another opportunity to add value, argues Dean Bradley, sales and marketing manager for Glazpart. Here’s how.

Many of you will be aware of the impending changes to the building regulations, especially the requirement for trickle vents to be used on most windows installed from 15 June 2022, for new-build and replacement windows. This change is being introduced due to the lack of value attributed to the cost of poor ventilation in dwellings by all interested parties, from installers to homeowners. Add a lack of information and education, and there is little incentive or motivation to improve the home environment.

This lack of good ventilation then gets locked into a dwelling for decades, and then ends up with remedial works and potential poor health outcomes due to the building’s ventilation provision. The estimated benefits of better ventilation are between £21m and £91m (it’s difficult to estimate the cost benefits to the NHS!)

The government believes that there is a need for regulation to address these issues, as the market isn’t installing a solution. This can be seen in the studies used in its review, which showed that only a small number of homes met the existing minimum ventilation provisions recommended in approved document F 2010: 2006.

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Glazpart Looks To The Future With Engel Technology

Glazpart recently took delivery of its most recent investment in a collection of ENGEL injection moulding machines with viper robot automation. With an ongoing energy efficiency programme that involves replacement of less efficient machines and the addition of digital solutions, Glazpart says it is looking to the future with its partnership with ENGEL.

Banbury-based Glazpart is a technical and custom injection moulder, originally established in 1985 by Ken Hanley, and still owned by him today. Since its inception Glazpart has evolved into a one-stop-shop for product design, tooling manufacture and injection moulding across a comprehensive spread of industries. Glazpart’s injection moulding platform includes medical component manufacture in a specifically designed area, twin shot moulding and inmould labelling. Glazpart produces in excess of 200 million parts per year, and manufactures a comprehensive range of its own products for the fenestration industry.

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5 nominations for the NFA awards

Glazpart are proud to announce that the team at Glazpart have been nomination in 5 categories of the National Fenestration Awards (NFA) 2022.

Area Sales Manager Edward Lawford is nominated in the Social Networker of 2022 category
As part of his success Edward regularly networks using online media such as LinkdIn where he has developed a network of over 2,000 contacts maintaining and developing new contacts across the industry.

Fay Bibi is nominated in the Business Development Manager/Sales Executive Of The Year 2022
Her success is based around a strong set of core sales skills and a commitment both the her customers and Glazpart. Fay’s customers continuously feedback on her highly levels and support to maximise their relationship and working in their mutual interest.

Glazpart is nominated for New Product 2022 the Link vent 4000
Launched in line with the new building regulations the product was prepared prior to the issuing of the final approved document. It then went immediately into production of the tooling and the challenge for manufacturing and assembly taken on by the production team, having a significant impact on the companies revenue and production capabilities.

For Window Component Of The Year the family of Link vent products
We are nominated not only with new products added such as the Link vent 4000, but the colour range has been extended with new colours (Redwood), finishes (Natural Oak) and a recessed flyscreen grille plus others.

Hardware Company Of The year
With all the other nominations Glazpart has seen a dramatic shift in its business. Trickle vents are now on most windows and front and centre in the Hardware category of fenestration products. They are certainly the most prominent, although we try to camouflage then with our premium finishes.

According to Dean Bradley, Sales Director “ These are remarkable times for us as a business with huge changes in products, production all supported by a phenomenal team. Not only those nominated in the 2022 NFA’s but across our business”

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Appointment of Sales Director

Appointment of Sales Director for Glazpart Limited and Glazpart Holdings Limited

Ken Hanley, Managing Director of the Glazpart group of companies is please to make the attached announcement of the creation of the role of Sales Director  for the group.

Dean Bradley, formerly Sales and Marketing Manager has accepted this promotion to this board position as of the 1stJune 2022.

Dean commented “ I am extremely please to accept this role alongside the phenomenal management team and staff at Glazpart and look forward to continuing our sustained growth, built around our development of new products and growing customer base”

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Risk Assessment – Covid 19 March 2022

Dear all,

As required under government guidelines please find our latest Covid 19 risk assessment. This now includes the following changes;

Government guidelines on isolation after testing positive for Covid 19 are changing. Glazpart’ s Covid risk assessment (attached) reflects this as highlighted below,

The inclusion to support the changes to governmental guidelines (being introduced on the 24th February 2022) relating to the need not to self-isolate if persons test positive.

If persons are well enough to attend work, then they should do so.

There is no requirement to undertake daily testing or to self-isolate if there has been contact with someone who has tested positive for covid 19.

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Risk Assessment – Covid 19 January 2022

Covid-19 is a new strain of Coronavirus which spreads primarily through droplets of saliva or discharge from the nose when an infected person coughs or sneezes. Most people infected with the COVID-19 virus will experience mild to moderate respiratory illness and recover without requiring special treatment. Older people, and those with underlying medical problems like cardiovascular disease, diabetes, chronic respiratory disease, and cancer are more likely to develop a serious illness.

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