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Disclaimer: Here, we will provide an interpretation of the approved document as we read it. This includes consultations with customers and trade bodies. However, it is essential that you refer to the published approved document for its guidelines on how to comply with the building regulations. We have included the section references within the document for you to easily reference the approved document directly. We have also tried to break the document down so that particular questions you may have can easily be identified.

For the Irish market opening areas for background ventilators are specified in terms of equivalent area. The equivalent area of a ventilator is always less than the free area and is a better measure of the airflow performance of a ventilator. The more complex the airflow path through a ventilator, the greater the difference between equivalent area and free area. Equivalent area is measured in accordance with the method specified in I.S. EN 13141-1:2004.

If the equivalent area cannot be established then the free areas specified should be increased by 25% where free area of ventilators is used instead.

For dwellings one of three strategies can be used to meet the requirements.
• Continuous mechanical extract ventilation
• Mechanical ventilation with heat recovery
• Natural ventilation with specific provision for extract ventilation
• Other approaches to ventilation provision may be adopted provided the requirements of Regulation F1 are met.

If the air permeability is greater than 3m3/(h.m2) and lower than 5m3/(h.m2), the minimum total equivalent area of background ventilators providing general ventilation should be 42,000mm2 with an additional 7,000mm2 for each additional 10 m2 floor area after the first 70m2 of floor area.

IF a single storey dwelling situated at ground level or on any storey up to four storeys, add 7,000 mm2 per dwelling.

Should be located, as far as possible to avoid draughts, e.g. more than 1.75 m above floor level.

All background ventilators should be tested to I.S. EN 13141-1:2004 and installed to manufacturers’ instructions.

For a dwelling with a single exposed façade, e.g. an apartment with only one exposed side, natural ventilation should be provided by the use of high and low background ventilators. The area of high-level ventilators should be as set out in Table 3 with an equivalent area of low-level ventilators installed. There should be a distance of level of at least 1 metre between vents.

Two habitable rooms may be treated as a single room for ventilation if there is an area of permanent opening between them and a wall or window ventilator having an equivalent area not less than 8,000 mm2.

Eire – Department of housing, planning and local Government

Eire – Build

Document F – Technical guidance document (TGD)

Installation and Commissioning of Ventilation Systems for Dwellings – Achieving Compliance with Part F 2019

S.R. 54:2014 Code of Practice for the energy efficient retrofit of dwellings provides guidance for these dwellings. Buildings of architectural or historical interest are especially likely to give rise to such circumstances.

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